We believe in open-ended, play-based education. Our early childhood programs are built upon four general principles: every child’s learning is different, environment shapes learning, ask questions, and say yes to children’s creativity.

Every child’s learning is different:
Early learning is an exploration that children pursue at their own pace. Each child is unique and and has unique developmental needs—an open-ended curriculum assures that each child can engage with developmentally appropriate activities.

Environment shapes learning:
Our exhibit spaces are curated to facilitate various kinds of playful exploration, from active to focused.  We provide a safe environment, but still offer opportunities for risk, challenge, and “failing forward”. We believe that a blank canvas can inhibit creativity, so at CCM you will always find what we call “20% inspiration”.  Inspiration can take the form of a partially built tower, a pre-squiggled drawing paper, or a display of example creations.

Ask questions:
Can you tell me about your creation? Do you have a favorite part? What else might you like to add? I wonder what would happen if…? Have you ever tried…? Questions like this focus on the process of creating, promoting further imagination rather than passing judgement.

Say yes to children’s creativity:
The world is a more wondrous and innovative place if we take the wild ideas of children and run with them. If a child holds up a crayon and claims it is a monkey’s magic tail scratcher made of pasta – say yes. When a child learns that their ideas, no matter how outlandish, have value, their confidence in their creative ability is enhanced. Creative confidence is an essential and often overlooked skill that we promote at the Children’s Creativity Museum.

Click HERE to learn about our Early Childhood Education programs designed to promote literacy learning and nurture creative confidence in children ages 5 and under.

For information on how you can support Early Childhood Education, Literacy Learning and other educational programs at the Children’s Creativity Museum, contact carol@creativity.org.