The challenge and fun of inventing is available to everyone at the Innovation Lab.

Do you need a machine that can freeze time so you can stay up a little longer? What about a critter that can help clean up the world? Can you make a new type of flying machine? At the Innovation Lab, you can create all of these things and more by taking part in our hands-on design activities.

Aerial Innovations

At the Aerial Innovations station, you can create new types of flying machines using upcycled materials! Design, build, and test your creation to see if it can stay airborne in our wind tunnel. If it doesn’t fly at first, that’s okay - take it out, make some changes, and try, try again! This activity is all about rebuilding and retesting - important skills for fostering innovation!


Clean Up Critters

Create a critter that can change the world (or at least help you keep your room clean!) at the Clean Up Critters station. Use upcycled materials to imagine and create a companion that could help you or others live a cleaner life. What does your critter do? How do they help others? Introduce the idea of sustainability while having fun with your clean up critter!


Mystery Box Challenge Workshop (offered on select days)

The Mystery Box Challenge is one of our signature design experiences: receive an age-appropriate prompt, invent, and share what you made. Just one catch: you can only use materials provided inside your special mystery box kit. Visitors are challenged to design something new that can solve a problem and are encouraged to think outside the box with their building materials - no idea is too wacky or wild!