Why did the Creativity Museum and the Carousel close to the general public?

  • CCM is following city and state guidelines that discourage social gatherings through the end of March. Scientists know that “social distancing” plays a critical role in protecting everyone, including our most vulnerable, and we want to help. 

When will the Creativity Museum open to the general public?

  • CCM will continue to monitor the situation. The museum will re-open to the general public when health experts believe the risks in the community have dropped and it is safe for for social gatherings in public spaces.

What is happening with Bay Area Children’s Theater (BACT) performances and classes?

  • Please visit BACT’s website (https://bactheatre.org/) for up-to-date information on shows and classes held at the Creativity Theater.

How do I find out the status for an event I had scheduled at the Creativity Museum?

  • If you do not know your original contact, please feel free to contact info@creativity.org with your question and we will reply within two working days. 

How do I get updates on the museum’s status?

  • We will update our social media channels so please connect with us on FB, IG, and Twitter.