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Membership FAQs

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How can I join or renew? There are three easy ways:

  1. Purchase online
  2. Call 415.820.3320
  3. Stop by our Front Desk

If I buy my membership today, can I visit today? Yes! You may begin using your member benefits as soon as you have purchased a membership! If you purchased online or over the phone, you may check in at the Front Desk by simply showing a your photo ID. For Creative or Innovative Levels, your caregiver can check in by providing the primary member’s name.

I visited the museum today. Can I apply my admission cost toward a new membership? Yes! If you decide to purchase a membership during your visit to the museum, you may apply the cost of your tickets to a membership only if it is purchased on-site on the same day as your visit. The maximum number of tickets you may apply is limited to the number of members the membership allows (e.g. Classic Family - you may only apply up to 2 adults versus Creative Family - you may apply up to 3 adults. All children in the household may be applied.)

How long is a membership valid? A membership is valid for one year from the time of purchase. Our memberships expire at the end of the month of purchase the following year. (e.g. Purchase date: July 2, 2020 - Expiration date: July 31, 2021)

Can I upgrade my membership to another level? Yes! You may do so anytime during your membership. Stop by our Front Desk or give us a call at 415.820.3320. A mid-term upgrade does not extend your membership expiration date. Upgraded members will only receive physical perks (additional guest passes) that were not already originally included in the initial membership package.

I would like to buy a gift membership for a family. How can I do this? Give the gift of creativity by purchasing a gift membership online or by stopping by our Front Desk. Be sure to select ‘This membership is a gift.’ while making your online purchase. Your gift recipient will receive a gift certificate in the mail which they may bring into the museum to activate. The gift certificate will be redeemable for up to 12 months from the purchase date. You will receive an email notification (including a tax receipt for your records) when the package is sent out to your gift recipient. Membership cards will be created for your gift recipients once they redeem their certificate.

When will a gift membership expire? After a gift recipient redeems their gift certificate, their membership is valid for one year from time of redemption. Our memberships expire at the end of the month of redemption the following year. The expiration date is not a year from when the gift was purchased, but instead, a year from its redemption. (e.g. Purchase date: July 1, 2020 - Redeemed on: August 15, 2020 - Expiration date: August 30, 2021)

Is my membership tax-deductible? Memberships are tax-deductible as allowed by law.  Please consult your tax advisor. If you would like an official receipt, please email The museum's tax ID number is 94-3178735.

Does CCM participate in a matching gift program? Yes! Your membership purchase counts as a contribution to the Children’s Creativity Museum. Please check with your employer about their matching gift program guidelines and procedures. If your membership qualifies with your employer, your gift of creativity will double!

Do you offer discounted memberships? Yes! Fee-waived family memberships are available for qualifying families. Please email for more information on how to apply.


When will my membership cards and package be ready? You will receive your membership package in the mail within 1-2 weeks from the day of purchase! If you opted for pick up, you will receive an email from our Membership Coordinator within 1-2 weeks of purchase noting that your package is ready for pick up at the Front Desk. Any membership packages that have not been picked up within 2 months from the purchase date will be mailed out to the member’s listed mailing address.

I have not received my membership package yet - what should I do? If you have not received your membership after 3 weeks from your purchase date, please let the Front Desk know so we can check on its status. You may also call 415.820.3320 or email Please note that it may take longer than 3 weeks during holidays or busy seasons at the museum.

Can I visit before I have received my membership cards? Yes! Please present a your photo ID to the Front Desk and our staff will look you up in our system.

Can I visit a reciprocal museum before I have received my membership cards? It depends. Please call and check with the museum you are interested in visiting about their reciprocal policies. You may request a proof of membership letter by emailing Find out more about reciprocity in our Membership Benefits tab.

How many membership cards will I receive? Classic Family members will receive up to two cards for the two named adults on the membership. Creative members will receive up to three cards for the two named adults on the membership and a Caregiver Card. Innovative members will receive up to four cards for the two named adults on the membership and two Caregiver Cards. If only one adult is named on a membership, only one ‘named’ card will be issued.

Why do I have to name the adults on the membership? Can I have a 'Guest of...' card? For the safety of our visitors and staff, primary and secondary adult members must be named as this allows our Front Desk staff to be able to verify that the visitor is indeed a member. We do offer memberships (Creative or Innovative Family) that allow you to name up to two adults, plus a Caregiver Card(s) for a caregiver to accompany your child(ren) in your absence.

Can I give my membership cards to family and friends to use at the museum? Classic Family member cards are non-transferable. Only named cardholders may enter using their membership cards. Creative or Innovative Family members may offer their Caregiver Cards to a caregiver to accompany their child(ren) in their absence. All membership levels receive a set amount of single-use guest passes in their membership package - each pass is good for one person. These are one-time use guest passes that members may give to their guests. Members do not have to be present for the guests to use them.

How can I update a name or contact information for my membership? Please stop by our Front Desk to speak with a staff member. You may also call 415.820.3320 or email

I forgot my membership card at home! What should I do? No worries! Please present your photo ID to the Front Desk and our staff will look you up in our system. For Creative or Innovative Levels, your caregiver can check in by providing the primary member’s name.

What happens if I lose my membership card(s)? Replacement cards are available for $5.00 each. Please visit the Front Desk to request and purchase a new card.  


What are the basic benefits of membership? Please visit our membership page to read about all the different benefits each level receives. All members enjoy these basic benefits:

  • Unlimited, year-round admission for named adults and all children under age 18 in the same household
  • Free admission to over 300 Association of Science & Technology Centers (ASTC) national and international attractions and discounted admission to select Bay Area attractions
  • Two complimentary single-use guest passes to the Children’s Creativity Museum
  • Four complimentary single-use carousel tickets, good for two consecutive rides per rider; $2.00 off on future carousel ride tickets
  • Invitations to special member events

Can I use my membership at other museums? What reciprocal program does CCM participate in? Yes! We participate in the Association of Science - Technology Centers (ASTC) and Association of Children's Museums (ACM) networks! When you are a member with us, you may receive discounted or free admission to ASTC or ACM attractions when you present your membership card and a matching form of photo ID. 

  • ASTC (Available for all CCM membership levels)
    1. Attractions on the network list that are outside of the 90-mile radius from CCM may offer 100% off admission.
    2. Select ASTC attractions in the Bay Area offer 50% admission to CCM members.
    3. Please note: Bay Area Discovery Museum and Chabot Space & Science Center are no longer Bay Area 50% off participants but are still ASTC members. CCM members only receive 50% off at those two museums with Creative or Innovative Family memberships.
  • ACM (Available only for Creative or Innovative Family memberships)
    1. ACM museums offer 50% off admission.

Attention: Before you visit any reciprocal museum, please call to confirm what reciprocity benefits they offer.

How do I find out about member events and museum programs? Members receive exclusive updates and announcements via email. Stay up to date with all events by taking a look at our online calendar. Events are also written on our Upcoming Events board by the museum's front doors.


Membership benefits cannot be shared or transferred to others. For safety reasons, children under the age of 13 must be accompanied by a supervising adult, parent, or guardian at all times.


Full refunds are granted within 14 days of your purchase date. No refunds are offered after 14 days of your purchase date. 

Please feel free to reach out to us with any further questions or comments by calling the membership line at 415.820.3339 (Hours: Tuesday – Saturday, 9:00am-5:00pm) or sending an email to

For help on Sundays, please contact the Front Desk at 415.820.3320. The membership office is closed on Mondays when the museum is also closed.