Happy Spring Break!

To celebrate, we are offering fun and creative experiences each day through our Free Virtual Workshops, @Home Activities + Videos, and new downloadable content like our Activi-Zine

iSpy Challenge

Can you spy everything in this photo?

I spy 10 flowers, 3 bees, and a bird.
A collection of shells, 4 bottles, and a very CLOUDY word.
A feather, a globe, a rainbow, and two stars.
Bright binoculars, a bike, and a green plant in a jar. 

@Home Activities + Videos

Need some creative inspiration? Sprout some new ideas with our daily activities! Follow along using our Activi-Zine below!

Day 1: Observation Journal

Day 2: Jungle In A Jar

Day 3: Seedbombs

Day 4: Bug Hotel

Day 5: Suncatchers