Robot Aquarium Nov 19 & Dec 3, 2016

Robot Aquariums designed during Lindsay Balfour’s workshops on:

SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 19 and DECEMBER 3, 2016 1-3pm | Drop-in | Ages 7+

If you visited a robot aquarium what would you see? Design an aquatic animal with collaged materials and build a small, mechanical habitat for them to play in! Use wires to clip together electronic components such as a battery for power, a servo that rotates your animal, and a small microcontroller as the computer that tells your robot how to move.

Complete an interactive habitat for your moving robot animal to be put on display in the “Imagine Your Art Here” gallery exhibit. Workshop was held in Inspiration Studio.

Instructions: Click to enter gallery, click to find your image, right click to save image!


    10:00am to 4:00pm