Innovation Challenge

In this two-hour workshop, students are given a design challenge and are asked to work collaboratively to design a creative solution using a specific set of materials (wrapping paper tubes, foil, corks, etc.).  With the help of our educators, students learn brainstorming and prototyping techniques and have an opportunity to participate in creative problem solving.

After building their prototype, students develop a presentation of their solution.

The Innovation Challenge workshop helps students see challenges as opportunities to be creative. The constraints given during the challenge teach students adaptability and flexibility when problem solving.   The Innovation Challenge can be used as a platform to enhance your classroom curriculum. If you are interested in having customized challenges, please let us know at least 2 weeks in advance.

Duration: Two hours
Grade Level: Grades 3-12
Group Size: 10-30 students, divided into teams of 4-5 students
Take away: Links to view the projects will be emailed to the teacher.


    10:00am to 4:00pm