Flying Creature Design Oct 15 & Nov 13, 2016

Flying Creatures designed during Emma Freed’s workshops on:

SATURDAY, OCTOBER 15 and SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 13, 2016 1-3pm | Drop-in | Ages 3+

Have you ever dreamed up a completely new kind of creature? The Bat-Winged Fitt, the Clubcat and the Sparkle-neck Cerip are all creatures that fly in the skies of Emmaland. What flying creatures live in your land?

Educator and creature designer Emma Freed invites you to create your own original creatures out of various craft materials to add to the Creature Avaiary, on display in the “Imagine Your Art Here” gallery exhibit. Workshop was held in Inspiration Studio.

Instructions: Click to enter gallery, click to find your image, right click to save image!


    10:00am to 4:00pm