Field Trip FAQs

Field Trip FAQs

Q: What are the maximum number of students allowed in Field Trips?
A: PreK-2nd grade have a maximum of 25 students. 3rd-8th field trips have a maximum of 36 students. (Robot Coding has a maximum of 32 students).

Q: How many chaperones can I bring to my Field Trip?
A: Six adult chaperones (including the teacher). 

Q: Is there a deposit required to reserve my Field Trip? 
A: YES. A non-refundable deposit is required to secure every field trip, including fee-waived field trips. Please read “Step 4: Payment Policy” when booking to learn more details.

Q: Can two classes of the same grade participate in Field Trips on the same day?
A: YES. On Tuesdays, we can accommodate two classes doing Field Trips on the same day, however, they will not be able to do the same Field Trip at the same time. Wednesday through Friday we can accommodate two classes doing Field Trips, including the same Field Trip, however their programs will happen at different times. (This does not include Clay Animation with Sound Effects).

Q: Our school has very small class sizes. Can we combine different grades in order to do a Field Trip?
A: YES. Please speak with our Field Trip Coordinator to discuss the details.

Q: Does CCM adapt Field Trips for special needs students?
A: YES. Please contact our Field Trip Coordinator for more information.

Q: Is the museum wheelchair accessible?
A: YES. Please tell our Field Trip Coordinator if you have student(s) arriving in a wheelchair, and we will make sure to accommodate their needs.

Q: Is there a place to store student backpacks and lunches while they participate in a Field Trip?
A: YES. Personal belongings may be stored behind our front desk.

Q: Where is a good spot for my students to eat lunch?
A: The courtyard directly in front of the museum, which includes cement steps and an open lawn space, is available for classes to use as a lunch space.  We also have a playground located in the courtyard where you are welcome to let your students shake their sillies out.

Q: Is there an indoor lunch space option for rainy days?
A: YES. We can provide an indoor space for students to eat lunch on a rainy day.

Q: Does CCM provide Field Trip scholarships?
A: YES. Please make sure to check the “Are you looking for a fee-waived field trip?” box on the application form. If you are not a Title 1 school, please include the percentage of free/reduced lunches at your school in the application as well.

Q: Can my students ride the carousel?
A: YES. Carousel tickets are included for each Field Trip class. Each ticket is worth two rides!

Q: Where can I park my car? Does CCM provide parking validation?
A: There are several parking garages in the area, including the nearby Fifth & Mission/Yerba Buena Parking Garage. We are unfortunately unable to offer parking validation at this time.

Q: How do I get to CCM from BART? 
A: Please refer to the map below:

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