Field Trip FAQs

Field Trip FAQs

Q: How many chaperones can I bring to my field trip?
A: Six adult chaperones (including the teacher)

Q: Does CCM adapt field trips for special needs students?
A: YES. Please contact our Field Trip Coordinator for more information

Q: Is there a place to store student backpacks and lunches while they attend the field trip?
A: YES. Personal belongings may be stored behind our front desk.

Q: Where is a good spot for my students to eat lunch?
A: The courtyard directly in front of the museum, which includes cement steps and an open lawn space is available for classes to use as a lunch space.  We also have a playground located behind the courtyard that you are welcome to let your students use to shake their sillies out.

Q: Is there an indoor lunch space option for rainy days?
A: YES. We can provide an indoor space for students to eat lunch during a rainy day.

Q: Is the museum wheelchair accessible?
A: YES. Please mention to our Field Trip Coordinator that you have a student(s) that will be arriving in a wheelchair and we will make sure the accommodate their needs.

Q: Can my students ride the carousel?
A: YES. for the 2018-2019 school year all field trips will receive carousel tickets as part of the field trip.  The carousel is open from 10 am – 5 pm.  You can ride before or after your visit depending on what works best for your class. 

Q: Where is a safe place for the bus to drop off my students?
A: The safest place for a bus drop off is on Folsom St. in between Third and Fourth St.

Q: Does CCM provide parking validation?
A: NO. We are unfortunately unable to offer parking validation at this time and sincerely apologize for this inconvenience.

Q: How do I get to CCM from Bart? Where can I park my car?
A: Please refer to the map below:

CCM Final Map

Q: Does CCM provide field trip scholarships?
A: YES. Please make sure to check the box on the application “are you looking for a fee-waived field trip?” box.  If you are not a Title 1 school, please include the percentage of free/reduced lunches at your school in the application.