Top 10 ways to celebrate with Dad at the Children’s Creativity Museum

10. Sing a song for Dad in our Music Studio and give him a DVD of your Music Video to share with his friends!

9. Create a clay character of Dad in our Animation Studio and direct him in a claymation movie.

8. Build a castle for Dad in our Imagination Lab and treat him like a king for the day.

7. Share an iPad with Dad in Creatura, our new interactive Community Lab experience.

6. Teach Dad some new dance moves in front of our Green Screen in “Groove-it.”

5. Entertain Dad with your own original performance in our Puppet Theater.

4. Spend some quiet time with Dad in “Dream-it.”

3. Take Dad for a spin on the Children’s Creativity Carousel.

2. Create a portrait of you and Dad in the Design Studio and frame it for him.

1. Thank Dad for spending the day with you at the Children’s Creativity Museum!


    10:00am to 4:00pm