Build, sculpt, perform and set your imagination free.

The Imagination Lab serves as an introduction to our educational approach of inspiring visitors to IMAGINE, CREATE, and SHARE. Here, our youngest visitors are encourage to IMAGINE in our interactive hands-on environment, CREATE something original in the various studio spaces, and then SHARE what they've created with their friends or families or on display at the museum within our DIY Cloud Gallery.

Storybook Park

Visit Storybook Park, our Early Childhood Literacy exhibit. Our San Francisco parklet is designed to encourage children ages 5 and under to participate in a variety of literacy activities

Sensory Alphabet

Explore a sensory alphabet using your sense of touch to engage with letters

Reading Tree

Enjoy a changing selection of books to read with your family


Early Childhood Zone

These activities are especially engaging for our younger visitors who are yearning to express their creative side.  Whether it is constructing Blue Block sculptures on our Play Patio, creating a colorful masterpiece on our Window Gallery, or learning the values of sharing at our Train Tables, these spaces will surely bring a smile to their face.

Play Patio

          Slate painting

      • Paint with water on our 3 slate canvases! Discover how the sun can quickly evaporate water and see your doodles disappear right before your eyes.

          Blue Blocks

      • Design and build outdoors using the blue blocks on the green! Aiming to build the tallest tower? Maybe an obstacle course for your friends? Explore all the possibilities on our play patio!
Window Gallery

Add your own colorful masterpieces to CCM’s windows and share them with guests in and outside of the museum! Collaborate with other artists or create your own original piece.

Train Tables

Early learners can get their hands on 3 train tables in our Imagination Lab. With dozens of track pieces, cars, and props, possibilities for play and exploration are endless.