Build, sculpt, perform and set your imagination free.

The Imagination Lab serves as an introduction to our educational approach of inspiring visitors to IMAGINE, CREATE, and SHARE. Here, our youngest visitors are encourage to IMAGINE in our interactive hands-on environment, CREATE something original in the various studio spaces, and then SHARE what they’ve created with their friends or families or on display at the museum within our DIY Cloud Gallery.

AR Sandbox

The AR Sandboxes offer kids a hands-on introduction to topography, where they can move, dig, and shape Kinetic Sand into personalized landscapes. Experience two activities that help children understand the natural world through creative play.

Map Makers

Explore the interactive dynamics of water flow and watersheds in this sandbox exhibit as mountains, lakes, and shorelines display various colors. Notice how the sand changes color as you build mountains or dig rivers.

Habitat Helpers

Discover virtual creatures as they swim, wiggle, and scamper their way through an ever-changing landscape. Design a habitat to help both land and water creature thrive in their environment.

View our AR Sandbox in the Global Map of AR Sandboxes

This AR Sandbox project was made possible in part by the generous support of the Institute of Museum and Library Services.

Storybook Park

Visit Storybook Park, our Early Childhood Literacy exhibit. Our San Francisco parklet is designed to encourage children ages 5 and under to participate in a variety of literacy activities

Sensory Alphabet

Explore a sensory alphabet using your sense of touch to engage with letters

Reading Tree

Enjoy a changing selection of books to read with your family

Magnetic Story Book

Engage in the narrative process while bringing stories to life

Puppet Theater

Act out your favorite book or create your own original story.

Storybook Park is made possible in part by a grant from the Goldman Family Foundation