Mystery Box Challenge Popup @ CuriOdyssey

Mystery Box Challenge Popup @ CuriOdyssey

CCM members have exclusive access to CuriOdyssey through April 30, 2021!

Member perks include:

  • FREE admission to CuriOdyssey’s outdoor zoo and activities
  • FREE parking on Coyote Point Recreation Area premises
  • Discounts for seasonal events, including CuriOdyssey’s newest outdoor exhibit ‘IlluminOdyssey’ (use promo code ILCCM2020 when purchasing tickets)

Know before you go:

For general admission, please contact CuriOdyssey by phone at (650) 342-7755 or email at to reserve advance tickets. Drop-in tickets are also available at the top of every hour on a first come, first served basis, in accordance with their reopening plan. We encourage you to review their FAQ page and hours of operation before your visit.

To redeem this CCM member perk, you MUST present this email as proof of membership to Coyote Point Recreation rangers and CuriOdyssey staff along with your CCM membership card. You will also need to display the attached CuriOdyssey parking permit on your dashboard when you park.

If you have any questions about this offer or the status of your CCM membership, please send us an email at