Creativity Club

Creativity Club

Ages: 3-5 years old || Ticket Prices: $15


Join us in Yerba Buena Gardens for a fun filled early childhood experience! CCM Educators will lead a two hour interactive program with dance, storytelling, and creative activities on CCM’s pavilion and a 30 minute virtual experience afterwards. Click below to purchase your ticket today and learn more about how we keep outdoor programming safe and fun!


9:30-11:30 (In person): Creativity Club (Spoken Word, Dance Instructions, Storytelling, Creativity Kit activity time) Outdoor space for just you and your family, separated from others by 6 ft.

1:30-2:00 (Virtual experience): where your young learner will hear songs and stories that build off of our in person experience. There will be time for a second activity and an opportunity to share out!


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Info & Policies

In Person Programming:
Creativity Club members will adhere to safe mask-wearing and social distancing with the help of their adult guardians and reserved socially distanced seating arrangements made by CCM. Disposable masks will be available for adults and children as well as hand sanitizer. All educators will adhere to health and safety regulations.

Virtual Programming:
Creativity Club members will be sent an email link to a secure Zoom Classroom in advance where CCM’s Creativity Club programming will continue. This is optional and is included in the price of your ticket.

Age + Reservation Specifications:
– Creativity Club’s curriculum is geared towards 3-5 years olds but is open to any child who would like to engage with Early Childhood Curriculum.
– Siblings older than 3-5 years old are welcome to attend, but must be registered alongside siblings that are 3-5 years old.
– A guardian is required in order to participate.
– Adults must be accompanied with a child.

Ticket Purchasing (Must Be Purchased By 5pm the Night Before):
– Please purchase a ticket for each child 2+ years old that will be in attendance. (Guardian does not need ticket)
– One guardian may purchase up to 2 tickets. (Maximum of one guardian per 2 children can be admitted)
– Children under 2 years of age do not need a ticket.
– A minimum of 3 kids must sign up for us to hold Creativity Club. Otherwise we will give a full refund.
– If the Air Quality Index does not allow us to be outside, we will cancel the event and give full refunds.

*Thank you for being a part of our CCM Community and helping us to prototype a new way of providing creative experiences for you and your young learners. These specifications are subject to change in the coming months as we continue to develop our programming.