Carol Tang, Ph.D., Executive Director 

Sojeila Maria Silva, Deputy Director
Katharine Greenbaum, Director of Philanthropy and Strategic Initiatives
Darrell Porcello, Director of STEM Networks and Partnerships

Dave Garrett, Senior Manager, Theater and Rentals
Tomas Durkin, Exhibits Development Manager
Kelly Garrett, Visitor Services Manager
Allie Stephens, Acting Senior Manager, Education

Lily Chan, Accounting Coordinator
Bryan Day, Exhibits Specialist
Monika Jones Gubernatis, Exhibits Specialist
Leah Henry, Educator
Ross Hull, Educator
Matt Jorge, Educator
Annette Koehn, Rentals Coordinator
Justine Mercadal, Educator
Kelly Foster, Visitor Services Associate, Birthday Party Coordinator
Grace Tenhula, Assistant Program Manager
Kelly Millán, Visitor Services Associate
Shanise Mok, Membership and Operations Coordinator
Kayla Pierce, Rentals Technician
Marquis Terrell, Marketing Associate