Dear Creativity Museum community,

Over the past week, the staff and Board of Directors of the Children’s Creativity Museum have shed many tears together as we’ve grappled with anti-Asian American Pacific Islander violence and what it means for our work. The reality, sadly, is that our San Francisco Bay Area community has been living with this fear and rage for months and years. 

I must face the fact that for 50 years, I have carried around a defensiveness and worry that when I leave my home, someone will taunt me, wonder why my English is “so good,” ask me where I am really from, call me names, or tell me that Asian women only date for money. I have so many privileges in my life, and yet my sense of safety and belonging is pierced over and over again by a thousand painful pinpricks.

But those scars can make us stronger. We must do what we can to be anti-racist, individually and collectively. At the Children’s Creativity Museum, we are looking across our programming and our internal systems to make sure we use our resources to support substantive efforts to promote equity and racial justice. 

Once again, our organization is recommitting ourselves to our mission: To nurture creativity and collaboration in all children and families.

Thank you for supporting us in this work. Our children deserve a better future.

In community,

Carol Tang
Carol M. Tang, Ph.D.  
Executive Director