Spiral Gallery

On display through November 29, 2015

Meridian Gallery is proud to present the 19th year of the Meridian Interns Program in an exhibition showcasing the artwork of the 19 youth Interns from the Meridian Gallery’s Summer Program. The Meridian Interns Program is a paid internship for low-income teens that combines art-making workshops with training in job-related skills. Each year, the Meridian Interns Program provides approximately 34 youth the chance to work with and learn from professional interdisciplinary artists. The participants learn all the transferable job skills of running a gallery (such as verbal and visual communication, computer graphic programs, publication writing, illustration design and production, gallery maintenance and installation) as well as art-making theories and practices.

This year, the interns had a chance to work with professional artists David Tim, Sam Jungheim, Vladimir Tikay, and Rye Purvis, creating woodcuts, paintings, drawings, video, still-lifes and figure drawing. This exhibition will be featuring artwork by Khanh Bebe Tran, Tamani Robinson, Jiahong Kevin Zhu, Matheus D’Avila, Wan Ying Yang, Jahnique smith, Julius Allen, Benjamin Zhong, Yosita Luksanacom, Aracelia Romero, Areeya Chananudech, Kris Cihao Zou, Myla Turner, Ashton Foster, Audrey Norton, Matthew Fiamalua, Adriene Pineda, Manveer Summan, and Edwin Valdes.




    Wednesday - Sunday
    10:00am to 4:00pm