Spiral Gallery

Imagine Your Art


As part of our vision to nurture Creativity and Collaboration in all children and families, our team of educators has introduced a series of art workshops designed to encourage youth to explore their own creative process.

Over the course of two months, children were invited to participate in hands-on workshops that introduced them to a variety of artistic techniques and styles. Classes included: Character Design, Interactive Art, Paper Mache, Cartooning, Messy Masterpieces, Paper Craft, Public Space Design, and Printmaking.

The result of these workshops is a beautiful collection of work that reflects our educational philosophy: IMAGINE, CREATE, SHARE. By introducing young visitors to various artistic styles, giving them the freedom to experiment with new techniques to create their own original work, and providing them the space to share their creations, these workshops ultimately build children’s creative skills and confidence. We are proud of their work!

Please enjoy this unique collection of work and join us in our next series of workshops to imagine your art here.




    Wednesday - Sunday
    10:00am to 4:00pm