Innovation Lab

Innovation Lab

Have you ever wanted to invent something? Perhaps you need a machine that can freeze time so you can finish your homework? Or maybe your school has flooded with JELL-O and you need something that can help to clean it up? In our Innovation Lab, you can create all of these things — and more — with our Mystery Box Challenge.

Every day, our Mystery Box Challenge presents kids with a prompt to invent something. Just one catch: you can only use materials inside a box. Kids are challenged to think in terms of design — What does this invention need to do? How can I build it so it does that AND stays together? Throughout the process kids tap into their critical thinking skills and can also develop their communication skills by explaining the steps they took. And, of course, they get to take home what they make or they can leave their inventions on display in the Innovation Lab to inspire others.

The Innovation Lab also hosts our guest Innovators for monthly workshops. Meet some of the Bay Area’s most innovative artists, educational game developers, and technologists and help design the media tools of the future!

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